May 24

Surrogacy Basics: Selecting a Surrogacy Agency

NH Surrogacy AgencyWhether you are an intended parent or a prospective surrogate, the process of selecting a surrogacy agency can certainly seem overwhelming. There are so many different surrogacy agencies out there, with different operating policies and philosophies, so it may take some time to find an agency that is a good fit for your particular needs. When working with intended parents and surrogates here in New Hampshire, I tell my clients that there is no “one-size-fits-all” when it comes to picking a surrogacy agency.

Some of the common variations among agency practices include:

>Some agencies prefer a more structured approach, while others will let participants guide their own journeys.

>Some agencies have a set compensation and reimbursement schedule, while others will let the participants negotiate the compensation and reimbursement package.

>Some agencies have a large egg donor pool, while others rely upon outside sources for donated eggs.

>Some agencies will rely upon the gestational carrier’s own health insurance policy to cover maternity care expenses, while other agencies prefer to use policies specifically designed for gestational carrier pregnancies.

>Some agencies prefer to rely primarily upon prebirth orders to establish parental rights, while other agencies will more commonly rely upon alternate legal avenues to establish legal parentage.

>Some agencies have an affiliated law firm that handles the legal work on behalf of the intended parents, while others refer to independent attorneys.

Please contact me today at New Hampshire Surrogacy Law if you would like to schedule a time for us to talk more about selecting the right surrogacy agency for your needs. You may also find helpful RESOLVE’s Questions to Ask Series on Selecting a Surrogacy Agency.