Same-Sex Divorce | Parenting

When it comes to divorce and parenting issues, LGBT families have unique needs that need to be addressed in the process. The Law Office of Catherine Tucker can provide unique solutions for these unique needs.

Same-Sex Divorce | Civil Union Dissolutions

Same-sex couples may find that their divorce or civil union dissolution is more complicated than for opposite sex couples simply because of the lack of uniformity surrounding the laws of same-sex marriage.  Issues that are traditionally simple to determine for opposite sex couples, such as determining the length of the marriage or the number of children, can be more complex for same-sex couples who have had to face inconsistent and constantly changing laws.  Thus, obtaining an equitable divorce, with a fair division of property and a thoughtful approach to parental rights and responsibilities, becomes more difficult in the context of same-sex relationships.  Catherine Tucker can assist you through the process by providing thoughtful guidance tailored to your unique situation.

Same-Sex Parental Rights and Responsibilities

The legal rights of children born to same-sex parents can be uncertain.  Catherine Tucker understands the complex web of laws that underlie this legal uncertainty, and can help you find resolutions tailored to your situation.

When parenting plans are done in the context of a failed same-sex relationship, careful attention must be paid to the unique needs of the children to ensure that their best interests are protected. Catherine Tucker can help your craft parenting plans and other legal frameworks to protect your children through this difficult time.