March 14

Myth or Fact: Surrogacy is Illegal in New Hampshire

Myth! A lot of people I talk to are under the impression that surrogacy is illegal in New Hampshire.  Actually, both gestational carrier and traditional surrogacy arrangements are permitted in New Hampshire. Traditional surrogacy occurs when the surrogate provides the ovum (egg); in a gestational carrier arrangement, the ovum is provided by either the intended mother.

March 10

Ever Wonder What the Early Days of IVF Were Like?

Long Island IVF has a great post over at their blog describing IVF in the early 1990s. Every single injection was a huge needle in the buttocks.  Transfers were done without the benefit of ultrasound guidance.  All transfers were done on day 3, and the success rates were under 20%. How things have changed! Check.

March 9

Free Medications for Cancer Patients

Ferring Pharmaceuticals is offering free medications to women who are seeking to undergo fertility preservation treatment following a cancer diagnosis.  The basic requirements are as follows: Female US citizen or permanent resident Diagnosis of cancer Cancer treatment has not yet been initiated No chemotherapy within the previous 6 months Oncologist and reproductive endocrinologist have determined.

March 9

Trying to Conceive Fonts

I’m loving this sperm and egg font. Also available are a baby font, a diaper pin font, a stork font, and a pacifier font. Would love to see a lupron font, or maybe an ICSI font?