May 24

Surrogacy Resources for Intended Parents and Surrogates

Whether you are just starting the surrogacy process, or are further along in your journey, you should check out the surrogacy FAQs compiled by Parents Via Egg Donation (PVED). The topics covered range from legal issues to financial considerations to selecting an agency, and more. This is the most comprehensive resource that I have been able to.

March 7

Leftover Embryos: 5 Tips for Decision-Making

For couples who have leftover embryos after IVF, the decision of what to do with those embryos can be agonizing. This leftover embryo decision-making tool has been developed to help patients sort through their personal feelings to arrive at the best decision for their personal situation. In general, the options are: embryo donation (“embryo adoption”); research.

February 7

Egg Donors and U.S. Citizenship: Important Policy Change

As silly as it may sound, the United States State Department has historically taken the position that United States citizenship is a genetic trait. In other words, the Department would not recognize U.S. citizen mothers via egg donation as the mothers of their own children for the purposes of transmission of their U.S. citizenship. The.

August 30

Same-Sex Equality for Taxes

The IRS has announced that validly married same-sex couples will be treated as married regardless of where they live. While this is good news for the many married couples who live in states that refuse to recognize their marriages, the IRS has also declared that it will not treat civil unions, registered domestic partnerships, and.

August 24

Same-Sex Equality in Immigration

Following the U.S. Supreme Court’s recent ruling striking down a portion of the Defense of Marriage Act, the federal government has announced that visa applications from same-sex spouses will be treated the same as visa applications from opposite-sex spouses.  U.S. says visas from gay spouses will get equal treatment – U.S. News. We are still.

August 24

Affordable Treatment Options for Injured Military Personnel

Congratulations to the Matayka family on the arrival of their twins.  Twins Are First Babies Born Using Tricare IVF Benefit | The Matayka babies were conceived using IVF because their father suffered serious injuries while serving in Afghanistan, making it necessary for him to use IVF in order to have children.  Fortunately, the Mataykas were able to.

August 22

Reciprocal IVF in the News

Did you hear about this?  Lesbian Couple Forced to Leave Israel for Surrogacy Procedure – Shalom Life USA.  Two women in a committed relationship in Israel are being denied the right by the Israeli government to have a child together using IVF. Since I’m picky about using correct terminology when talking about fertility treatment, I.

June 27

Why Leaving Same-Sex Marriage to the States Won’t Work

A lot of people have taken the position that letting individual states decide whether to permit same-sex marriage is the proper course of action.  It sounds good, right?  After all, each state’s politicians will know what will work best for that particular state.  Even New Hampshire Senator Kelly Ayotte shares this view.  As U.S. senators.

June 27

Let’s Talk About DOMA: Implications for NH’s Same-Sex Couples

Yesterday, the U.S. Supreme Court made history in holding that certain provisions of DOMA were unconstitutional.  The provisions in question prohibited the federal government’s recognition of same-sex marriages. The issue came to the Supreme Court by way of a widow who didn’t want to pay federal estate taxes on the inheritance she received from her.