We represent both intended parents and surrogates throughout New Hampshire and Massachusetts. We have legal service packages tailored especially for independent (“indy”) surrogacy arrangements, compassionate (altruistic) surrogacy arrangements, and traditional surrogacy arrangements. For those clients already working with an agency, we offer legal services to complement the agency-provided services.

Information for Intended Parents

Surrogacy Consultations for Intended Parents

We understand that the process of selecting a surrogate/gestational carrier can be overwhelming. To help you sort through your options, we offer an initial consultation designed specifically for prospective parents via surrogacy. During the consultation, we will discuss important legal issues including typical contract terms, pre-conception and pre-birth orders, insurance coverage, common scams, and the interaction of different state laws and how we can leverage the laws of New Hampshire, Massachusetts and other states to tailor an arrangement most suitable for your circumstances. At the end of the consultation, you will have an understanding of the basic legal concepts that are necessary to allow you to move forward with your surrogacy journey.

You can expect the consultation to take about 2.5 hours. If traveling to Concord is not convenient for you, we can arrange for a meeting via Skype. The consultation fee also includes the review of one agency agreement. In addition, the entire fee from this consultation will be applied as a credit toward any additional work performed by the firm.

Comprehensive Surrogacy Package

For Intended Parents ready to move forward with a surrogacy arrangement, we offer an inclusive legal services package for one flat fee.

Limited Representation Legal Services for Surrogacy Arrangements

If you only need us to handle a portion of your legal work, we can do that under a limited representation agreement. Some of the types of limited representation services we can perform include:

>Preparation of your written contract
>Review of health insurance policies
>Consultation regarding use of employer provided spending accounts
>Court proceedings to establish or confirm parental rights
>Domestication of your court order in a New Hampshire or Massachusetts court
>Coordination of issuance of appropriate birth certificate(s)

Surrogacy with Egg Donation

Whether you are using a known egg donor, an anonymous egg donor, or a frozen egg bank, we can handle all your legal needs relative to the egg donation also.

Information for Surrogates

Consultations for Prospective Surrogates

If you are thinking about becoming a surrogate (gestational carrier), you may have some preliminary questions before you start the matching process. To help you understand the legal issues that are important to consider as you get matched with intended parents, we offer a reduced fee consultation designed especially for your needs.

You can expect the consultation to take one hour. If traveling to Concord is not convenient for you, we can arrange for a meeting via Skype. The consultation fee also includes the review of one agency agreement. If you hire the firm for any additional legal work, such as review of your contract with the intended parents, the entire consultation fee will be refunded to you.

Contract Review and Negotiation Services for Surrogates

For surrogates (gestational carriers) ready to move forward with an arrangement, we can review the legal agreement prepared by the lawyer for the intended parents and advise you of your rights, responsibilities and risks under the agreement. We can also negotiate the terms of the legal agreement to obtain provisions favorable to your specific circumstances.

Information for Clients Not Working With an Agency

If your surrogacy match was made without the assistance of an agency, we can provide comprehensive legal services to protect you during the process, while still allowing you to maintain the benefits of an independent journey. We can help you ensure that all the necessary medical, psychological and other screenings are obtained so that your journey can proceed smoothly. We can review the surrogate’s health insurance policy and make recommendations as to whether additional insurance should be purchased, as well as assist with setting up an escrow account.