New Hampshire Sperm Donation Law

If you are growing your family using sperm donation, or if you are considering donating to help others, Attorney Catherine Tucker can assist you with all your legal needs to protect yourself and your family. Catherine has extensive experience with the complex issues that arise with both known and anonymous sperm donation, and is a regular author and speaker on this topic.

Comprehensive Sperm Donation Legal Services

New Hampshire Surrogacy Law can provide you with comprehensive legal services related to your known or anonymous sperm donation arrangement. Catherine can prepare and negotiate your written sperm donation agreement, or review one already prepared by another attorney, as well as help you obtain any necessary court orders to secure your family’s legal rights. Catherine understands the┬ácomplex interaction between various New Hampshire laws as well as the laws of other states and can craft individualized solutions to give you and your family the peace of mind that comes from knowing your legal rights are secure.

Catherine works with both donors and recipients on all aspects of sperm donation including:

>Sperm Donation Contracts
>Legal Clearance Letters
>Establishing Parental Rights
>Terminating Sperm Donor’s Rights
>Stepparent Adoptions

>Second Parent/Co-Parent Adoptions
>Co-Parenting Agreements
>Parenting Plans/Child Support
>Maternity/Paternity Assessments
>Cryobank (“Sperm Bank”) Agreements