As New Hampshire’s surrogacy resource, New Hampshire Surrogacy Law can help you with all your legal needs for your surrogacy journey.
Catherine works with both intended parents and surrogates, offering legal services tailored to your particular needs. She can help you select the method of establishing parentage that best meets your particular circumstances, to allow you to have the smoothest surrogacy journey possible. Because Catherine is admitted to practice in both New Hampshire and Massachusetts, she can leverage the laws of both states to create an arrangement that is best suited to your particular situation.

Favorable Legal Environment for Surrogacy

Recent changes to New Hampshire’s surrogacy laws have created a favorable legal environment for gestational surrogacy in this state, while also providing extensive protections to intended parents and surrogates.  Learn how NH gestational surrogacy laws compare to the Gestational Surrogacy Laws Across the United States.

Comprehensive Surrogacy Legal Services

Catherine provides legal services for all aspects of New Hampshire surrogacy including:

>Surrogacy/Gestational Carrier Contracts
>Pre-Birth Orders
>Other Parentage Orders

>Legal Clearance Letters
>IVF Clinic Informed Consent Documents
>Agency Service Agreements