If you are growing your family using donated eggs, or if you are considering donating your eggs to help others, we can provide you with comprehensive legal services related to your known or anonymous egg donor arrangement.

Egg Donation Contract Preparation and Review

We can prepare and negotiate your written egg donation agreement, or review one already prepared by another attorney, and we can provide the necessary legal clearance for your clinic or agency.

Cryopreserved Embryo Agreements

Courts around the country have refused to enforce provisions in clinic consent forms providing for the disposition and use of frozen embryos following death or divorce of the patients.  We can prepare an agreement of a different nature for you to specifically address the disposition of any embryos that have been stored for future use.  For women pursuing egg donation treatment, this document is particularly important to address your legal rights relative to the frozen embryos because such rights have not yet been established via your gestation of the pregnancy.

Consultations Regarding Immigration and Citizenship for Children Born Abroad

There are special legal considerations for Americans whose egg-donor conceived children are born abroad, because the United States government refuses to permit citizenship to be transmitted from the mother to her child in certain circumstances. We can help you navigate these complex legal issue and understand your options.

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