Catherine Tucker | Publications

New Hampshire’s Revised Surrogacy Law Eliminates Discrimination Against LGBTQ Community, Bar Talk (September 2014)

Abandoned Embryos: The Dilemma of Eternal Storage, New Hampshire Bar Journal (Summer 2014)

Surrogacy in New Hampshire: Another Good Option for Gay Dads-To-Be, The Handsome Father (August 2014)

Gestational Surrogacy Legal Considerations for Intended Parents, Parents Via Egg Donation (Spring 2014)

Biological Assets: The Basics of Reproductive Estate Planning, New Hampshire Bar News (March 2014)

Three Things You May Not Know About Reciprocal IVF, RESOLVE New England Newsletter (Fall 2013)

What You Need to Know About Written Agreements When Using a Known Egg Donor, RESOLVE New England Blog (September 2013)

Citizenship and Cross-Border Egg Donation: What Every Prospective Parent Needs to Know, Parents Via Egg Donation (Summer 2013)

Embryo Disposition Options & Legal Considerations, RESOLVE New England Newsletter (Spring 2013)

Infertility and Employee Rights: A Complex Legal Landscape, New Hampshire Bar News (April 2013)

Ethical and Legal Issues Arising from the Informed Consent Process in Fertility Treatments, American Bar Association Health eSource (March 2013)

What Every Family Law Practitioner Needs to Know About Assisted Reproductive Technology, New Hampshire Bar News (November 2012)

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