Aug 22

Reciprocal IVF in the News


file0001785388426Did you hear about this?  Lesbian Couple Forced to Leave Israel for Surrogacy Procedure – Shalom Life USA.  Two women in a committed relationship in Israel are being denied the right by the Israeli government to have a child together using IVF.

Since I’m picky about using correct terminology when talking about fertility treatment, I want to address a couple things that bother me about the article.  The proposed arrangement is not “surrogacy” as this article terms it; rather, it’s Reciprocal IVF.  The couple wants to have a biological child together by splitting the female roles of gestation and genetics.  Reciprocal IVF is a unique type of procedure designed for female same-sex couples to have a child together.  Surrogacy is completely different because it involves carrying a pregnancy for someone else.  In addition, an egg won’t be placed in anyone’s uterus as the article claims; rather an embryo, created from an egg, will be placed into Glisko’s uterus.

Reciprocal IVF is becoming more and more common in the United States.  While Reciprocal IVF can have its own legal challenges and is certainly more expensive than artificial insemination, it can be a great choice for many couples.  I sincerely hope they are able to undergo this proposed IVF procedure at home in Israel soon.

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