For Intended Parents | Surrogacy

After you contact me, I will work closely with any agency involved in your arrangement, as well as other professionals.  If you are still in the process of selecting a surrogacy agency or IVF clinic, I can assist with that.  If you are using donated eggs or embryos, I can help you understand the different legal and practical implications involved with the different egg donation options.

Before your surrogacy cycle moves forward, I will ensure that all the participants in your surrogacy arrangement meet the minimum standards required by applicable laws.  I will advise you as to all legal prerequisites you must meet before your cycle can proceed, and I can help you find an attorney local to you to complete the estate planning component of the legal work (which needs to be done in your home state).

I can review your surrogate’s insurance policy to see if any of her medical care will be covered, and I can refer you to sources to purchase additional insurance if needed.  If you have an insurance policy that provides infertility coverage, I can assist you with any appeals if they don’t want to pay for your treatment.  I can also assist you with understanding the paperwork your IVF clinic asks for you to complete.

I will prepare a contract for you which incorporates the necessary laws and is customized to your circumstances.  We will then send the contract over to the surrogate’s attorney for their review and consideration.  Once the contract language is finalized and the contract has been signed, I will make sure your IVF clinic has the necessary legal paperwork to begin your cycle.

Once the surrogate is pregnant, I will put together our court packet (and your notarized signatures will be needed on some of the paperwork).  This allows the judge to give us a court order designating you as the legal parents of the child.  For most clients, we use the parentage order process (in other states this may be known as a “pre-birth order”).  For some clients, we have to rely on alternative legal methods, which I will discuss with you if that applies to your situation.

I will also work with the delivery hospital to ensure a smooth stay for your family at the hospital.  I also will coordinate with Vital Records to make sure they have the information they need for your baby’s birth certificate.

For international clients, I will assist you with the process of leaving the U.S. with your baby.  You will also be working with an attorney in your home country to advise you on what you need to do when you get home.