April 4

The Unthinkable

Today people nationwide are remembering the lives of Kaufman County District Attorney Mike McLelland, his wife Cynthia, and Kaufman County Assistant CDA Mark Hasse.  This black ribbon is posted in their honor. Please click here for more information about them.  As a former prosecutor for many years, I just cannot put into words how terrible these.

April 2

A Request for Assistance from a Sexual Health Educator

Kimberly from http://nogoodeggs.wordpress.com/ is seeking input from people who are parenting after infertility. In addition to being an infertility blogger, Kimberly is a sexual health educator and is currently preparing a training on incorporating assisted reproductive technology into sex ed lessons. Please email her at nogoodeggs@gmail.com if you are interested in answering some questions and sharing your advice as.

April 1

Infertility & The Panda

Mei Xiang is a giant panda at the National Zoo and she’s been having difficulty conceiving.  According to Zoo officials, her hormone levels rose and she was prepared for breeding with Tian Tian.  But it didn’t happen, so zoo officials ended up artificially inseminating her over the weekend.  What’s next for Mei Xiang is blood.

March 21

Words Matter

No, an egg donor is not the “biological mother” of the resulting child.  Nor is she the “real mother.” No, it’s not known as “three parent IVF” when a generous young woman donates her eggs for a new procedure where portions of two different human eggs can be combined.  Read more here about this medical.

March 14

Myth or Fact: Surrogacy is Illegal in New Hampshire

Myth! A lot of people I talk to are under the impression that surrogacy is illegal in New Hampshire.  Actually, both gestational carrier and traditional surrogacy arrangements are permitted in New Hampshire. Traditional surrogacy occurs when the surrogate provides the ovum (egg); in a gestational carrier arrangement, the ovum is provided by either the intended mother.

March 10

Ever Wonder What the Early Days of IVF Were Like?

Long Island IVF has a great post over at their blog describing IVF in the early 1990s. Every single injection was a huge needle in the buttocks.  Transfers were done without the benefit of ultrasound guidance.  All transfers were done on day 3, and the success rates were under 20%. How things have changed! Check.