June 28

Baths are Important!

The Skeptical OB recently posted about a mother who was lamenting that she didn’t get to give her babies their first baths in the hospital.  That post got me thinking about how these kinds of issues can arise in the hospital after a surrogate birth. In most situations, a newborn baby is checked out by.

June 28

Death and the Surrogate

Fortunately, with modern medical care, the death of a pregnant woman is a very rare event, but the risk is not zero.  Sadly, this new mother died just 8 days after the birth of her triplets: Mother of IVF triplets died just eight days after giving birth.  No one like to think about these kinds of.

March 30

12 Signs That a Surrogacy Match Might Fail

Dawn Davenport over at Creating a Family wrote an excellent blog post on the Twelve Signs That An Adoption Match May Fail which has inspired me to think about the similar red flags applicable to surrogacy matches. The intended parents and the surrogate don’t share the same views about abortion. This is a deal-breaker because it makes it.