August 18

Second Parent Adoption in New Hampshire: FAQs

Q: Are second parent adoptions available in New Hampshire for same-sex parents? A: Second parent adoptions (also called co-parent adoptions) are available in New Hampshire for married same-sex parents, utilizing either the state’s stepparent adoption laws or the joint adoption laws. This type of adoption allows a non-biological parent to establish a legal bond with his/her.

June 8

Why NH Birth Certificates for Same-Sex Couples Are Not Good Enough

My colleague Liz Swire Falker recently blogged about the importance of birth certificates. In Liz’s words: So very true! But for same-sex couples, the NH birth certificates that declare them family are also very much “only pieces of paper”. They are pieces of paper that do not have to be recognized in places outside New.

June 8

Second Parent Adoption: A Critical Protection for NH LGBT Families

With the Supreme Court’s ruling last summer declaring part of DOMA unconstitutional, a lot has changed for New Hampshire’s same-sex couples. But a lot still remains the same. (Most importantly for New Hampshire families, the recommendation to obtain a second parent adoption still stands.) There were two major parts to DOMA, the federal Defense of Marriage Act..

August 30

Same-Sex Equality for Taxes

The IRS has announced that validly married same-sex couples will be treated as married regardless of where they live. While this is good news for the many married couples who live in states that refuse to recognize their marriages, the IRS has also declared that it will not treat civil unions, registered domestic partnerships, and.