November 17

Interview with Julie Richardson-Paige | Baby Loss

Catherine: I’ve always felt that people who go through IVF should get a free pass with regards to pregnancy complications. We’ve already been through enough to get pregnant and should just get to enjoy the rest of the journey. But I know that sadly it doesn’t always work out that way and I know far.

August 8

Save the Date! RESOLVE New England’s Annual Conference

Please join me on Saturday Nov. 8th at RESOLVE New England’s 21st Annual Fertility Treatment, Donor Choices and Adoption Conference. This is the largest educational consumer infertility conference in the country, with over 300 attendees every year. The workshops address medical, emotional, and legal aspects of infertility, donor options, adoption, and other family-building choices. I’m very excited to be.

April 2

Should Infertile People Be Permitted to Marry?

Same-sex marriage opponents have relied primarily on the argument that only marriage between a man and a woman are justified because one of the core purposes of marriage is having children. Here’s the problem with that argument–when you start tying marriage to procreation, you run into the issue of people who are unable to reproduce, whether.